28. Nam Tok
Grilled meat flavoured with mint and coriander, tossed in lime and chilli dressing
Beef £7.75 Pork £6.95

29. Laab
Minced meat flavoured with ground rice, mint and Thai herbs
Chicken £6.95 Duck £8.50

30. Ouan Talae £11.25
Seafood salad flavoured with lemon grass and green chillies tossed in garlic and lemon juice dressing

31. Plah Goong £8.50
Cooked king prawns flavoured with Thai herbs, chilli oil and red onions

32. Yum Pla Muek £8.50
Spicy squid salad in hot and sour sauce

33. Som Tam £6.95
Spicy mixture of shredded papaya, carrots and tomatoes with lemon juice topped with cashew nuts

Opening Times

Monday - Sunday
11:30pm - 10:30pm

Get In Touch

Epping New Road
Loughton IG10 4AA
Telephone: 020 8508 1104/0944

Telephone Orders Welcome
10% off takeaways above £10.00
FREE DELIVERY for orders above £20.00 within 3 miles

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